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Click on the selection that you would like to pray for today or download the prayer list PDF here

Praying for the needs of Messiah Members, families and friends 

Anonymous- Praying for healing in my own life. That my boyfriend and I can be on the same page. For my parent’s safe travels and no problems moving. For my brother’s niece that was in the hospital for a hit and run. Pray that she recovers.

Allan Lundeen- Thank you for answering our prayers for a visa for our future daughter in law.

Jeanette Wegemer- Please pray for my brother in law’s family. My niece who lost her baby at 39 weeks. Please be with the family.

Collins/Robles Family- Caroline Macgregor’s mental health and healing. Caroline is in resident treatment for multiple health issues. Pray for her healing and strength for the family.


Marsha Smith- Cousin Larry needs healing. He was recently diagnosed with Leukemia this week. 

Pray for family friends mourning the death of a 15-month-old and for continued cancer recovery. The Joho Family

Stephanie Gregoles- Pray that God would continue to restore my family.

Pray for those suffering with Dementia/Alzheimer’s and their caregivers.

I am asking that we continue to pray for Brian's sister-in-law, Mary. She has stage 3 cervical cancer and had surgery for this, but now is having bowel leakage and she is in a lot of pain. She is scheduled for surgery to repair the perforation next week. We would like to pray for her healing and for her doctors. We are hoping that she can start chemo soon and start healing!

Prayers Specific to Messiah Congregation

Praying for Yourself

Pray that you can be a peacemaker in times of stress.

Pray for strength and motivation to find your place and continue to use your talents for the glory of God.

Pray that God answers your prayers in a big way.


Pray that breakthrough will happen in unusual ways, so you know with out a doubt it is coming from God.

Pray for wisdom, growth in your life, guidance, and submission to the Lord.

Pray that healing will be upon the people that are struggling with fear over the Corona Virus and the people who have it.

Be with the government and the nations and give them peace.

Thankful prayer for our health, our homes and this pause that in our lives that God has given us.


Please pray for our Country as we all go through this very difficult time.  Our doctors, scientists, and government officials all need divine wisdom. 

Praying for the World
Praying for the World 
Praying for the needs of our Community 

Pray that our churches in the area can step up and be a leader during this fearful time and show Jesus’ love.

Be with the people who voted and pray that You be with the government, that they will choose the right leaders.

Pray for all the people battling cancer and any other painful diseases. Give them comfort and strength.

Pray for the schools in your community that they have good leaders that will bring faith into the schools.

Please be with all the fear over the CV-19. Be with our leaders to make wise decisions. Help people understand that there is no need to panic. Help us stay informed and not to trust in man but to trust in you. Be with those who are losing income due to the slowdowns and closings. Please protect those who are especially vulnerable. Help us to not live in fear. 

Prayers for our Community

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