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Our Partners

  • Other LCMC congregations

  • Word Alone

  • Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University – We have provided the course and are a part of the Momentum network. Also,

  • We have partnered with Dare2Share for 8 years with 150+ students attending their conferences.

  • Check it out! Our students attend camp as a group each summer, each Winter for Winter Blast, and the occasional Paintball trip at Center Lake Bible Camp.

  • We have partnered with Reach Work Camp for 20+ years. The summer of 2012 and 2016 we helped bring a work camp home to Joliet. 200 students from all over the nation gathered at Plainfield Central High school to work at sites in the Joliet and Plainfield area.

  • We have partnered with G.O. Ministries since 2010 sponsoring children in the Dominican Republic and sending our own missionaries overseas in 2013 and 2017. (MSM DR trip 2013)   Meet our Missionary partners: Brian, Caballo, Elisa.   Our Sunday School classes sponsor a little boy and a little girl through G.O. Ministries every month and send gifts, cards and letters, receiving cards, letters and photos in return.

  • We are partnered with Foundation for His Ministries in Baja, California. Part of our churches tithe goes to fund this ministry and has done so for 15+ years. In the past we have sent members to provide mission work in Baja, California.

  • One of our key ministry partners is First Lutheran and Santa Cruz in Downtown Joliet. Among many things they are building a Spanish speaking congregation in the area and provide the Blessing Bench Food Pantry, a recognized agency of the Northern Illinois Food Bank.

  • We provide meals for and sponsor the work of Daybreak Shelter for the people of Joliet and the surrounding area.

  • We support the community and provide school supplies through Morning Star Mission.

  • Our members and Youth often volunteer at Feed My Starving Children

  • If you are caring for a loved one nearing death Joliet Community Hospice located just down the street from Messiah Lutheran is your next call.  Be sure to tell them that you would like the pastors at Messiah to help in your loved ones care.  Our members are active volunteers at the center.  You might also consider learning more about Messiah Memory Bear Ministry.

  • Alpha USA – We have partnered with Alpha to provide several different courses over the last 15 years.

  • All of the offerings gathered during worship at Messiah are tithed (the first 10% of all gathered is given away) to ministries throughout the community and world.  In addition to those mentioned above we support Cup of Cold Water, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship at Joliet Junior College and St. Francis.

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