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 Messiah Lutheran Church. 40 Houbolt Road, Joliet, IL 60431. Tel: 815-741-4488   info@mlcjoliet.org


  • March 3: $250 1st payment due for Workcamp also Last day to sign up for Work Camp! 

  • March 7th-8th: Spaghetti dinner 

  • March 13th: Winter Jam 7th-12th graders be sure to sign up for this event. This is where you can worship God while enjoying a great concert with friends. This year Winter Jam is in Hoffman Estates, IL. We will leave church at 1:30 (this would require students being pulled out of school early). The concert is only $15 at the door. Be sure to bring $$$ for merchandise and food! 

  • March 14: Work Camp Training and Meeting: 9 am-2 pm 

  • March 20: Mafia All ages!! 7-10pm bring $5 for pizza 

  • April 3rd-4th: Ignite YLC: Be sure to sign up for the Ignite youth leadership conference. This will have awesome speakers, amazing worship, and breakout sessions to help your students learn more about their leadership skills. We have 20 spots opened for us so be sure to sign up and get the early bird discount of $40 by March 1st. We will stay the night at the church on the 3rd and 4th. Going to Sunday school and church the next day.  

  • April 11th-12th: Son Rise breakfast 

  • April 18: Work Camp Training Continuation project: 9 am-2 pm 

  • April 21: $250 payment due

  • April 24: Mafia All Ages! 

  • May 2nd-3rd: Mexican Fiesta F/R 

  • May 16: Extra Work Camp Training day if needed: 9 am-2 pm 

  • May 22: Mafia All ages! 7-10pm bring $5 for pizza 

  • June 1st-7th: Building closed for VBS prep 

  • June 8th-14th: VBS week!!!!! 

  • June 9: FINAL PAYMENT DUE!! 

  • June 17th-19th: High school camping trip.  

  • June 21st-26th: Center Lake Bible camp. This is the trip for our 5th-8th graders. Keep an eye out for further info about price, signup, etc.  

  • August 14th-17th: August back to school camping trip 7th-8th are there from 14th -15th and 8th- 12th is there from 15th- 17th.  

As always, check the youth bulletin boards and youth kiosks for sign up sheets are more info. Also, you can find all of this info and more in the student ministry newsletter, available here

For the month of April. we are using Zoom to connect for Head2Heart and S.A.LT. and streaming H2H on our YouTube channel at 6:15 pm. We'd love to have you join us, both students and parents!


This year, our students are headed to Scioto County, OH for a week of service and fun. Click here to get all the info you need about going to Workcamp 2020. 

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Messiah Student Ministries Mission: 

Develop spiritual maturity in students; leading students to lead; bringing glory to God in all we do.


Junior High Programs (7-8th Grade)


Head-2-Heart (confirmation)

Head to Heart is our Wednesday evening Confirmation class (September-May) designed to help junior high students commit and grow in their faith by exploring Luther’s Small Catechism and other Biblical truths that are important to their literacy of God’s Word.  As Pastor Kurt often says, no one is an expert but each of us will be confident with prayer, the Bible, and talking about God. Student believers will begin to develop a confident relationship with God by learning how to love God with all their mind, heart, and strength.  Click here for Syllabus.

During the summer months the Junior High combines with the High School for Ignite on Wednesdays from 6:30 - 8:30

Ignite UR Passion for Jesus this summer!

Yes we are flexible with students sports and extra curricular activities.  Help us shape the relationship between your student’s church family and other after school/weekend activities.

Read the Student and Parent Expectations

2019-20 School year

Sample Daily Schedule:

6:00-6:15 Welcome and unwind

6:20-6:40 Activity, Challenge or Trivia

6:45-7:15 Teaching time

7:20-7:59 Small group time

<5 Min. Gaps are transition time and JIC we go over>



Have refreshments and music or music videos playing. Interact with the students finding out how their day/week is going. Doors open @ 5:30PM Students are welcome to hang out till 8:15 or so!


Activity, Challenge & Trivia:

Play a game or give a cool object lesson.  Remember these guys have been cooped up in school most of the day, they need to burn some energy.



Yes, we will teach Luther’s Catechism but, more than that, teach how to “Live the Life”.  Pastor Kurt, PD2, and our faith guide team will share the teaching time and look forward to becoming a familiar part of your student's life. 


Small Groups:

Each group will have 2 leaders called faith guides.  Your students will meet with the same group each night.  Small groups will not just spend time in discussing the lesson and doing memory work but will also spend quality time in prayer with and for each other. A healthy guideline would be to spend 10 minutes on each part of being a small group. Not all students will be ready to pray out loud, but now is the perfect time to teach them. Prayer is the tool that moves God’s hand!.


High School Programs (9 - 12th Grade)

S.A.L.T.: Tuesday night from 6:30 - 8pm (September - April) join our new S.A.L.T Program for High School students. It's a time for friends to gather, pray, play and learn how to do this thing called life together as Christians. Each week's lesson will stand on it's own and every THIRD WEEK IS VOLLEYBALL OR BASKETBALL AND A SHORT DEVOTION!

We work with Feed My Starving Children, Reach Mission trips, G.O. Ministries, special needs folks, the elderly, veterans, children and just about anyone who needs the love of Christ shown to them in a practical way. (That would be everyone)





S.M.B.S. (Sunday morning bible study) 9:30am (September-May)

A quick 1 hr. Wake up and smell the coffee. (or hot cocoa) Dealing with the issues that matter to high school students in their day to day lives. Come before or after one of our Sunda Worship Services at 8am (Traditional,) or 11am (Family Praise and worship.)


If a student comes to MSM for the first time, they will leave learning some biblical truth about Jesus, and will have an opportunity to respond to what they have heard. In addition to applying Biblical truths into their everyday life, regular attending students are encouraged to invite their friends.

The Importance of Student Ministry


Why should I go?

" The Bible studies are for teenagers, usually for high schoolers up to college freshmen, and some middle schoolers join us too, on occasion. The lesson usually involves issues that teenagers can relate to. It’s a good way for us to get more involved with the church and just have a good place to hang out."

 ~Matt (written as a high school Jr.) – Now a Pastor


"My answer is more personal . It’s a Bible study for the high school youth. It’s the place where, for me, I get closer to my youth group. Where I can open up and know I’m not being judged left and right. It’s the only place I can sit and pray for a half hour about things that are important to everyone in the room. And mostly its the place where I get my answers, the message is always magically about what I’ve been struggling with. It’s our God time "

~Courtney (written as a high school sophomore) – Became a “Faith Guide”

Youth Group Vs. Student Ministry​


Messiah Student Ministries is focused on building programs that are purpose-filled and aimed at the right targets, which is philosophically different from a "Youth Group" mentality. The Youth Group mentality says, "Keep things the same," "Let's just do something fun." There is no deeper intention, no permanent change in either students or leadership. A Student Ministry is completely different in that the mind-set is geared towards strategic programming and intentional, planned outcomes; such as developing Christ-like character in both students and adults. Here is the difference:

Building a Student Ministry* 

  • Purpose-driven

  • Clear Vision

  • Outward focus/seeks out lost

  • While meeting the needs of existing students)

  • Consistent growth

  • Worship and prayer

  • Asks ‘Why?” & “Is it working?”

  • Focused on Kingdom work

  • Empowers volunteers to do ministry

Maintaining a Youth Group*

  • Activity-driven

  • Unclear vision

  • Inward focus/content w/cliques

  • (No heart for the lost)

  • Minimum growth

  • Songs and games

  • Busy in the world

  • Relies on the “paid” youth worker

*(Bosher, Bo. (1997). Student ministry for the 21st century: transforming your youth group into a vital student ministry. Zondervan, Grand Rapids, MI. p. 81)


Brian Phipps

Director of Messiah Student Ministries

Phone: 815-741-4488

Fax: 815-741-4501

Email: brian@mlcjoliet.org

S.A.L.T. NOTES 2020