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THURSDAYS @ 10:15 am

Please pray for our local police and EMT. Our doctors and nurses. Keep them safe. Also pray for my daughter who is working nonstop as a nurse. Her name is Lindsey. Also pray my brother-in-law Mike does not get this disease as he was told there was a staff member at his dermatologist office who tested positive. He should be in the clear by Thursday. So far still no symptoms.

Pray for healing for Pat. She is recovering from corona virus.

Pray over the road for truck drivers during this crisis. Pray that they remain safe and healthy as they are on the road!

We just found out that my cousin who is a pharmacist in Chicago has tested positive for Covid-19. She is currently under self-quarantine with several colleagues at the University of Chicago Hospital. She is in her late 20's and relatively healthy. Prayers they all make it through their illness.


Prayers for Peter and his family dealing with the loss of his father.

Prayers for the healthcare workers, fire and police and their families with the stresses that exist in the work they do and the increased risk that they face.


It has been 2-1/2 yrs. since I was downsized from my position, and since then I have been doing temporary work while looking for a permanent position. It has been extremely difficult to get anyone to interview me due to my older age. I just went from having a temporary assignment at Brookfield Zoo and interviewing for the job permanently, to the sudden loss of the assignment and hiring freeze on the permanent position due to the coronavirus. Please pray that God would lead me to a good permanent job and provide for my family in the meantime. Also praying for God’s joy, peace, comfort and provision for me and the many others who are looking for work in this tough environment.

Please pray that my brother in law Mike show no symptoms of the virus. He should be in the clear by the end of tomorrow is no symptoms. Please pray for Susan. And the Hawkinsons.


Please pray for Alan, a dishwasher who lives in low income housing and is not working due to the coronavirus. Pray for God’s peace and that He would provide work for Alan, who is a Christian.

Guidance for a family considering moving out of state for a job.

Thankful prayer for our health, our homes and this pause that in our lives that God has given us.

Please pray for my brother in law’s family. My niece who lost her baby at 39 weeks. Please be with the family.

Please pray for Alan, a dishwasher who lives in low income housing and is not working due to the Coronavirus. Pray for God’s peace and that He would provide work for Alan, who is a Christian.



EMAIL pastor.stier@mlcjoliet

Please pray for my friend, Scott, suffering from Covid. He is immunity compromised. Thank you!


I am thankful for so many blessings in my family. I pray my daughter Diane being a pediatric doctor with no gloves or mask will stay healthy from the virus.  And her children protected and healthy being at daycare. I pray Debbie would be safe from the virus working at UPS with all the cardboard boxes and 3 people with the virus already. In Jesus name, I pray.


One of our family members was just diagnosed with COVID-19. Please pray for a recovery for him. And all who have been exposed that God in His greatness allows healing to this world.


Please pray for a mom's safe travel back from Alabama, that she will stay healthy.  

Someone who lost a temp job and a shot at the permanent position at Brookfield Zoo. Please pray for a new permanent job. 


Pray for my brother, Alan, that God would protect and provide for him. 


Prayer to repair broken families. 

Prayer for daughter Susan for health and peace. 


 Healing and recovery for Kevin. Still hospitalized with Covid-19.  

Mary's battle with cancer and it's complications while she's currently at the hospital.


Alberto that he might stay healthy and get a new kidney  


Please pray for all health care workers, first responders and all other essential workers that they might stay safe and healthy. 

We remember this morning; Caleb, Brook, Eric, Laura, Luanne, Dana, Vince, Patty, Laurel, Lisa, Todd, John, Brandon… 


Please pray for Susan.  She is in the hospital being treated for pneumonia.  Things are not looking good. Lord please be with the family in this time. 


Put your healing hands on Alex. (Leg and hip Surgery) 


A young man, Greg,  changing careers. 


Thank you Lord for a successful surgery for my son Christopher. 


Meg, she is really struggling with COPD.  Please pray for her healing and for wisdom for her doctors. 


Family having a real tough time w/ her neighbor. It been going on a long time and it’s getting worse. 

Please pray for Joyce friend with health issues. 

Please pray for my husband’s depression. 


Please change my husband’s heart for a better marriage.  




Marsha- Cousin Larry- For healing. He is diagnosed with Leukemia. 


Healing for Caroline. Be with her and her family as she seeks treatment out of state.

 Madison- Continued prayers for healing for her because she has migraines. 

Pray for a young woman in need of healing. 


Mike- He is exploring a mission trip to work w/ Pastor Paul in 2021. Pray for Guidance and the BIG steps of faith required in such a venture. 


 Please pray for Drake- A child with special needs. 


Laurie’s sister going through chemotherapy. 


Pray for a brother with cancer. 


Pray for a friend with a heart aneurysm. Pray his surgery goes well. 

Roger’s cousin Patti. She is now in Hospice care. Pray for the healing she needs and for her family for strength and peace. 

Lauralee- infection looks 99% better, the lumps are gone, and the drainage has stopped!  Praise God! 

Please pray for our Almy.  To determine how well her lungs are functioning.  Please pray the doctors received the information they need to advise her. 

Skip - He just found out he has prostate Cancer. 

Prayers for Matt and Jessica and family. 

Lukas who has Cancer. 

Laurel’s Brother & Sister-in-law in CA. Barbara. She is still in a coma. 

A sister going through chemotherapy. 

Strength and wisdom for a family, it is a spiritual battle. Thank God he is working everything out and is faithful. 

If it be your will Lord, we seek complete recovery for Linda. 

For a wife/mother for the many health problems. 

Kellen.  He has started chemo.  He is really struggling with the chemo treatments.  They have given him excruciating headaches.  Please pray that the headaches stop and that he is able to tolerate the treatments. Please pray for his healing from this cancer. 

Be with our politicians and media to put the country first not just their own agenda’s. Lord we seek servants of the people.  

Morgan- A friend named Brody who is struggling with cancer. Please, Lord help him win this battle. 

Please pray for a young man who needs a full-time job with benefits. Also, that he can understand what to do to make that happen. 

Please pray for those, that are having issues in their marriage. They need to extend grace to not only their partner but also to themselves. Thank you that they are seeking counseling. Things are looking much better we ask you give them the strength to continue to work on their relationship with you and each other. 

Dan- He is still getting blood transfusions once a month he is week and desires to be in worship.  

Lord please provide a good job for a Jeff. He has several leads, guide him to the right opportunity.   

Be with the members of our call committee. Beth Hohisel, Gerry Boe, Tom Bond, Linda Hawkinson, Ryan Kittler, Suzy Prybell, Brian Wielbik. Help them to feel the Holy Spirits leading. 

The “neighbors” who will be served this summer in S. Webster OH. Be with our leaders as they train the Work campers. Keep them safe in skills training, and help them to grow as a team, grow in relationship w/ you and help them to trust in you for their finances. 

Be with a student who is reaching out for help to grow in faith but is having a hard time getting here. His friend invites him, but his parents are resistant to church. 

Pray for a man, Randy, who has lung cancer that spread to his spine also.  Please pray for the healing that is best for him.   



James- Cancer treatments, heal his body. Healing from Chemo and radiation. 

We continue to pray for a man and his families spiritual & mental health. He has had some positive encouragement and things are improving. 

Please be with those struggling with weight loss and their relationship with food in their life. Help them make healthy choices. Tom G., Caleb, Ashli, Dave and Dana 

Tony, Adam, Erik, Josh, Mike, Gary, Nick, Eric, Jeremy- For a relationship with Jesus. 

Please pray for a daughter who has depression and anxiety. 

A young women battling cancer. 

Lord use this church and its leader’s; our daily ministry and the relationships built here to strengthen and build Christian Family Values among our families and in the community. 

A return to civility in our nation. That free speech, and religious liberty will be respected once again. Please be with people on social media to not overreact and pass along false stories. Instead get them to focus on what’s right and true and in the best interest of our country. 



We thank you for our volunteers and our church staff, be with us as a church in this time of transition that we would continue to join you in your work all around us.  

We lift up the persecuted church around the world, protect and encourage our brothers and sisters who taking bold action for the sake of the Gospel.  



Lord help us to expand the ministry of Messiah outside the four walls of our church. Help us to see what BIG thing you are calling us to do for our community. 

Lord we pray that we might see ourselves as you see us.  Help us to be children trusting in and dependent on your care.  Give us the Hope and Wonder of children.  

Please be with Davey as he prepares to go to Bible camp this spring. Open the right doors for him to go into ministry. 

Watch over pastors and their families as they lead in an always changing landscape of what it means to worship and be the church.  

Lord we pray for the Babies, young children and the unborn, we pray for our state, country and the whole world that we will respect all life. We ask that you be with those who have had this kind of tragedy touch their families and for your healing.  

Please be with a family whose son desires to attend church and explore his faith. But currently the family isn’t regularly attending worship. 

Please be with those struggling with deep depression. Be with their family as they try wo help him. Give him the strength and courage to accept the help he is getting. Thank you that he is getting better. 

Lord we pray for any families and individuals that may have pulled away from Messiah in this time of transition. Help them to reengage and remember they follow you not anyone of your servants. 

Lord we ask that you lead us in growing our church. Not for our pride but for your glory. 



Be with a lady looking to start a new Bible study this spring. Lead her to the right topic, time and who she should personally invite. 

 Lord we pray for a renewed vision for the ministry at Messiah Lutheran Church.  Give us a glimpse of what the future holds that we might join you in your work through the church in Joliet, the surrounding areas and the ends of the earth.  

Lord we pray for each team (board), their elected leader and a renewed sense of ministry in each responsibility.   

Lord we pray for our family’s dedication to worship.  May we be blessed with many little children, teenagers and young adults in worship that they might be blessed in worshiping you and being shaped by your words. 

Give strength to those struggling with addiction 

Lord help us to encourage each member of Messiah to make full use of his or her gifts for the Glory of God.  

Lord we pray for all our family’s dedication to tithing. Help them to worship You and not money. Help them to see the blessings when we give you our time, talent and treasures. 

Lord we pray for a member that is having legal trouble. God, we pray for them and their family during this time.  

Keep our friend Kelby safe in Haiti as he uses the medical skills you have given him to minister to the lost. 

We thank you for our partners in the DR with; Pastor Fargus and his family and all the staff of GO Ministries. 

Be with Kyle as the ministry of G.O. grows help him with his work/family balance. 

We pray for our brother, Pastor Paul and the witness he has had in that part of the world. Please bless his family and ministry.  

Pray for 2 teenage girls & a boy suffering from headaches and migraines. 

Pray for a mother and wife that is struggling with depression. 



Please pray for my friend Paul and his family who live in an area of the world where the virus has left their communities with such food shortages that they have no more markets to buy goods at and the farmers charge expensive prices for foods. So they are struggling to live day by day. Pray that God continues to provide.



Please pray that God continues to heal me from a respiratory infection.


Praise God that He has led my brother, whose employer is going out of business, to another job before he loses the other.

Please pray for a friend who ‘s husband died recently and she is struggling with the loss.

For essential responders Kelsiee, Kelly and Fred

Please pray for the Sailors aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt, especially our nephew. They have a covid outbreak on board and have rerouted to Guam. Please wrap your loving hands around them and keep them safe from the virus and also from enemies that may now see our ships as vulnerable in foreign waters. Lord please protect those that vow to protect us and our freedom. Please guide those making medical decisions and bless those providing care. Lord please hear our prayer.



Please pray for my friend Paul and his family who live in an area of the world where the virus has left their communities with such food shortages that they have no more markets to buy goods at and the farmers charge expensive prices for foods. So they are struggling to live day by day. Pray that God continues to provide.



One of our family members was just diagnosed with COVID19. Please pray for a recovery for him. And all you have been exposed that God in his greatness allows healing to this world.


Thankful prayer for our health, our homes and this pause that in our lives that God has given us. Pat

God is so good. I pray the Lord will keep me and my family and others safe from the virus, in Jesus name.
































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