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Fresh Look: MLC in 2021 and Beyond

In September of 2020 the staff and leadership gave me time to take 10 days to study and listen to God. I expected to lay out a 5-year vision plan but in this time of uncertainty God laid upon my heart a vision and transition plan to focus our energy through Easter 2022 at which time I trust God will start us on a new 5-year vision. In the next 14 months God is asking us to take a ‘Fresh Look.’ There are 3 ways God has been encouraging us to start fresh.

First, I trust that in this season of change God is working on each member giving them a fresh look at life. What are some of the old patterns you and your family have fallen into when it comes to church? Do you have a life group you can study or serve with? God is recruiting you to be a part of His work. You are the one through whom God teaches and loves the world. You are that shining presence. Some fruit of this reflection will be when you find yourself asking new friends and church family to pray for the concerns of your heart.

Second, pray for our leadership as we take a fresh look at how we are asking people to be a member and volunteer in the church. Some fruit of this work will be an updated constitution, a database of our connections in the community and new energy for guests on campus.

Finally, please pray that God’s work through us might help those who are not a part of a church see the importance of the church in their community. God is using Messiah Lutheran Church to make his name famous as he changes the life of those outside our 4 walls through the ministries of this church. Some fruit of this work has already begun. Quality online worship and new ministries like Lil loves. God is right now inviting the ambivalent and the secular world to change the community they live in through the church.

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