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New Children's Outreach Director

What does a Children’s Outreach Director actually do? At MLC, it means coordinating and working with organizations in the community to partner with our Church. It means encouraging the teachers of our Sunday School and Awana group to use their gifts for the glory of God. It means producing events that reach out to the community. It also means expanding our database to include families in the area that have come to one of our events like Harvestfest. One specific example of reaching the community is that we are partnering with the YMCA of Galowich.

During this Covid season of life, the church is helping the YMCA with providing space to help the kids whose parents are at work during the E-Learning process. We are grateful for this connection because new families will see the church and we are meeting the needs of people in our community. We are thankful to all the people who were gracious enough to help with the transition of this process and we hope to further the kingdom through these efforts. Be looking for opportunities to connect with them at events that they will be hosting in the near future. “Be devoted to one another in love, Honor one another above yourselves”(Romans 12:10 NIV).

Christine Murray- Children’s Outreach Director & Administrative Assistant

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