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Even People Struggling in their Marriage Can Have High Hopes for Summer

From Focus on the Family:

Vacations and summer relaxation can help us feel optimistic about life. If you’re in rocky spot in your marriage, I’m glad you’re feeling hopeful about repairing your relationship in the months ahead. Downtime is great, but if you think hanging out together on the beach in Florida will fix everything, be careful in managing your expectations. If the pandemic has forced you to confront old marriage problems and issues that you previously ignored, you’ll need more than a summer vacation to address them. To find that glimmer of hope and keep moving forward in your marriage, please check out the help offered in the links below.

Here to help you take the next steps for strengthening your love for each other, Dr. Greg Smalley Vice President of Marriage

P.S. — Bookmark the marriage channel on to for the latest articles, resources, and more to help your marriage thrive.

Can Summer Vacations Fix Marriage Problems? Avoid the trap of thinking that summertime fun will fix all your marriage problems. Here’s how to use the optimism of the season to improve your relationship. Read more for four healthy ways to approach this season.

What to Do When You’re Not Okay Helping your marriage can begin with helping yourself. Work, relationships, and other obligations can build pressure, causing us to lose sight of who we are. On this broadcast, counselor Debra Fileta helps you better understand your emotions, assess your mental, physical, and spiritual health, and intentionally pursue a path to wellbeing. Listen now to get on a path toward healing and wholeness.

Are You Really Okay? Getting Real About Who You Are, How You’re Doing, and Why It Matters If the above broadcast resonates with you, you may like this special offer. Remember, just because you’re a Christian doesn’t mean you’re healthy. We tend to assume we’re okay — until we’re not. In Are You Really OK? Debra Fileta challenges you to get real with who you are and how you’re doing spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically, so you can recognize where you need growth and healing. Get the book for your gift of any amount and get healthy from the inside out. The Focus on the Family Broadcast | This Week’s Episodes This week we have another marriage broadcast to help you dig deeper on the spiritual health of your marriage. Other broadcasts help you learn how to create a legacy of love in your home and neighborhood.

That’s Awesome if Your Marriage is Doing Great This Summer! Building on what’s working well and knowing key areas where your marriage could use improvement will help you strengthen your bond with your spouse. Take our free Marriage Assessment and get tools to help your marriage go the distance.

July’s Live It Challenge Is Here! Your family can join everyday heroes with these 5 pro-life steps to love and help the expectant mothers in your community. Check it out.

Healthy Individuals Create Healthy Marriages Need more guidance on where can you find good resources to help your journey to mental health, especially as it relates to marriage? Dr. Karl Benzio, a board-certified psychiatrist, explains where to find coaching and resources to guide you on your path to healing and restoration. "Mental Health in Marriage" is a free five-part video series that gives you practical tools and strategies to tackle behavioral health issues in your marriage. Watch the first in the series right now.

Plugged In | Black Widow (PG-13) If you’ve ever wondered while watching an Avengers movie, “How did Natasha Romanoff become the Black Widow,” well, this action-packed, at times surprisingly sweet origin story answers that question. Read the review.

You Deserve a Marriage You’ll Both Love. Hope Restored is a counseling retreat to help your marriage survive and thrive. Learn more.

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