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Meal Train Ministry


Messiah Lutheran Church is blessed to offer a new ministry organizing a Meal-Train for anyone going through a difficult situation or a life change. Maybe they’ve just had a baby or are grieving the loss of a family member, suffering a prolonged illness, had surgery or loss of a job and can’t cook for themselves.  An organized meal schedule can help to heal; be helpful during a transition; or just remind the person receiving the meals that their church family is thinking of and praying for them.


In order to mobilize volunteers quickly, we are using Meal Train which is an effective, online tool to organize meals for someone in need. If you sign up to be on this team, when a need arises, you will simply receive an email via Meal Train. If you have time in your schedule to help out, great! If not, you can wait until the next email. It is that simple but a huge blessing to the person in need. 


If you know of someone who could use a little support, love and care in the form of meals, please let the office manager know at or call the church at 815-741-4488 or submit the form below.

I have, or know of a need
I am interested in providing meals
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